Honortab lets you supercharge your vacation home by offering your guests premium items.

Why HonorTab?

HonorTab was founded by a hungry Airbnb guest who was tired of arriving at rentals that didn’t have anything in the fridge to eat.

Easy Access

From providing your own mini-bar to offering surf board rentals, HonorTab lets you offer and charge for extra services and items.

More Bookings

Make your listing more attractive by offering your guests upgraded amenities such as premium toiletries and quality goodies.

Safe & Secure

Guests check-in with their credit card before they even arrive so you can charge your guest for items they use during their stay.

How Does It Work?

1) Create a Menu

2. Invite Your Guest To Check Into Your HonorTab

3. Stock home with goodies and charge your guest only for what they use.

Find us on the App Store or Google Play: