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Part of running a company is scrutinizing every single piece of data to make sure that your operation is running at peak efficiency. And as the founders of HonorTab, we are obsessed with how our product is being used.

To me, HonorTab is like a new born baby who I’m trying to figure out. I might have made it, but I don’t fully understand it yet. That being said, I look at the HonorTab data a lot, and I have noticed some similarities in what people put in their tab when they first create it. (Don’t worry, when I view it, I have no idea who the tab belongs to. All I see is an ID string resembling: id_12mif413fm2934f1mm9f13fm. Looking at that I can’t tell whether that’s Bob from Miami’s HonorTab. So, Bob… it’s okay. I’m not judging you.)

To be completely honest, most HonorTab’s are straight up boring.

HonorTab was made to offer convenience, and to introduce cool things to your guests. An HonorTab should be enticing and attractive. The items you have available should be unique and represent the location where your rental listing is located.

You wouldn’t believe how many bland or mostly empty HonorTab’s exist that just have water and soda listed as the main items. Whenever I see a tab like that I feel like I have failed to show you how much more awesome your HonorTab can be. A few weeks ago I setup an HonorTab in a property in Texas. The Kitchen was absolutely gorgeous so the owner and I did a little barter: I fund and setup her first HonorTab in exchange for product photos for this blog.

Let me tell you right now, I really, really enjoy shopping for an HonorTab setup. During the shopping process I often find myself getting two of something that looks good, and telling the shopping cart, “one for me and one for you.” During my most recent HonorTab setup I really got to get into it and find some awesome unique niche products. Check out these snacks I picked up at the local grocery:

HonorTab Snacks Fruit & Nuts

Setting up an HonorTab is more than making more money from your rental. It’s about providing the opportunity for you expose your guests to the best your city has to offer. Of course you’ll make money from it, but the added benefit of going out of your way to create an awesome selection for your guests will awe them and garner you glowing reviews.

I highly recommend that for your first HonorTab, you go out and find a grocery store that carries high quality items. Try to avoid the typical junk food. The same old junk food isn’t memorable. Remember, your guests can drink big-name soda’s wherever they are in the world, so find something that makes them actually check the label!

If you’re wondering what the final product of that basket looked like, here it is in all its glory:

HonorTab Texas Basket

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