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Not all HonorTabs are the same, just like not all of your guests are the same. For those of you who have been hosting an Airbnb for a length of time, you’ll probably have begun to observe that your property attracts a certain demographic. Different locations, different price ranges, different styles of home — they all appeal to different types of people, so your Airbnb guests may be wildly different from another host’s.

One of the best ways to improve your guests’s experience is by catering to their tastes through what you provide on your HonorTab.

I’ve built 3 HonorTabs below that cater to different types of Airbnb guests. Each HonorTab setup was built intentionally from Host feedback on what they know from past experience that their guests tend to enjoy.

The Somewhat-Healthy-Junk-Food HonorTab.

Healthy Snacks

This HonorTab was put together for an Airbnb host who had more college-aged visitors. He noticed from his guests’s food choices that they cared less about fancy artisan snacks, and more about receiving liquids and calories after a long night out. Cost was also a concern for them, so having more accessible, affordable snacks was ideal.

As you know, I try to push healthy snacks for incorporation into HonorTab, so the Tab below includes my compromise suggestions. It contains Coca Cola with real cane sugar, natural granola bars, unsweetened tea, etc… All of these were acquired from your run of the mill big name grocery store, and some can be bought in bulk.

The Middle-of-the-Road HonorTab.

Healthy Snacks

This HonorTab was made for someone who actually looks at the ingredients of their food. It includes some regular breakfast options as well as some higher-end granola bars and Ginger Beer. It’s a healthy mix between familiar snack food while introducing some unique drinks for your guest to try.

The Specialty-Item HonorTab.

Healthy SnacksThis last HonorTab was specifically crafted for a Home that is regularly visited by guests who enjoy very intentional types of food. There is an equal selection of Vegan and Gluten Free snacks as well as specialty drinks that the Host has felt that their types of guests would enjoy.

Each of the HonorTabs above serve a different purpose and were made with different groups of people in mind. It’s important to remember that not all guests are the same and that their tastes vary. Over time it will become easy to see which items are a hit with your guest and which are not. The rule of thumb is that if, after a few guests go through your Airbnb , no one has touched a snack item on your HonorTab, it’s probably a dud.

Feel free to email me at [email protected] if you want some suggestions in building your HonorTab.

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