How To Build an HonorTab Your Guests Want To Use

“I’m already paying $XX a night to stay here, why should I have to pay for these snacks? I’ll just go ahead and take some of them and not pay for them, they are already making enough money as it is renting an empty bedroom anyway.” – This is the exact mindset of a guest who doesn’t honor their Tab.

First impressions are everything. The biggest enemy of having a successful HonorTab is the perception by your guests that you are trying to nickel and dime them. Your job as an HonorTab provider is to make sure that your guests have a positive first experience – an experience that will make it almost impossible for your guests to walk away without honoring their tab.

There are 3 basic things that need to be done from the get-go to have a successful HonorTab.

1) Make sure you have something free on your HonorTab – a 24 pack of water costs less than $5 at Costco/Sams – consider having bottled water on your HonorTab but pricing it at $0. Apples and Oranges last several week in the refrigerator; throw those in for free as well. The goal here is to establish a rapport with your guest through acts of generosity. Basically, you earn your guest’s trust by giving them freebies.

2) Make sure that the items that are not free are way better than the free items. Offer sparkling water in glass bottles as an alternative choice to the generic store brand water. Make available canned ice-coffee, higher-end sodas, and other items that have a decent shelf life. The point is to show your guests that they have options – that they can stick to the rather boring cheap stuff, or take part in the delicious alternatives.

3) List your HonorTab pantry in your Airbnb listings as an image. You can click a link on your HonorTab page to download a picture of your HonorTab menu that you can easily upload to your profile. If a guest sees your HonorTab menu when looking to book an Airbnb, they immediately know right from the start that at least they will have something to eat upon arrival. Having freebies on the menu is an added bonus. From my own personal experience, if there are free snacks involved I’m going to pay attention.

Use your HonorTab as a way to increase your bookings as well as make more money from selling purchased goods to your guests. People love free stuff and love knowing that they don’t have to worry about basic necessities upon arrival. You might spend a few extra dollars giving away free stuff, but you’ll end up having a much happier guest, and make more money selling stuff from your HonorTab setup.

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